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Welcome to Oak Village Animal Hospital.

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 At Oak Village Animal Hospital the client and their companion alway comes first, and we constantly strive to exceed your expectations!  We always take time with each of our patients and try to address all your concerns.  We spend as much time as needed to make sure that you and your companion's well being are our main focus. We offer a full range of services including: comprehensive examinations, dental procedures, x-rays, medical and surgical services including orthopoedic service.  We have an in-house laboratory which allows results in a little as 15 minutes for most hematology and chemistry test.  In critical situations getting results fast can make all the difference in the outcome.


Our staff is experienced and is here to help with your concerns.   Please feel free to ask any of our team members for answers to your questions.  We are all animal lovers and have had questions ourselves so we are happy to help.  At times it may be necessary to call you back  with non-emergency answers but will get back

to you as soon as possible.  WE ARE HERE TO HELP!


Ronald C Bowen, DVM





                                        COMING SOON






Dr. Bowen has rarely endorsed any particular dog food brand to feed his canine patients.......UNTIL NOW!! Recommendations had been made on desired ingredients and particular age or dietary requirements in the past.  But now Doc has found this dog food too good to keep quiet.  How would like to double your canine's life span, give him vibrant health, balanced energy and the ideal weight  just by feeding him?


We have been introduced to this amazing life enhancing dog food by, of all people - Burt Ward remember Robin, Batman's sidekick, the

Boy Wonder  in the television series?  Yep that's Burt.  A constant

animal advocate, operating a recuse for the past twenty years saving over 14,600 dogs.  In his quest for saving animals Burt and his wife, who own 50 dogs themselves, have made it their mission to develop a quality dog food that was not only good for them but one that they wanted to eat.  Without expensive taste enhancers, canned food or table scraps to enchance the often bland and distasteful dog foods on the market.  Many dog food is injected with large amounts of fats and then sprayed with a lard type substance to cover the often rancid like fats that are in the food.


All this maniplation to your dogs feed takes a toll on your dog's system.  Ingesting large amounts of fat, typically 12% - 22% of their diet WILL shorten your dog's lifespan.  Fats build up in the organs,

intestines and heart all eventuating and early deterioration of his or her body.


Gentle Giants food is all natural with no chemical preservatives, no artificial colorings and absolutely NO BY-PRODUCTS.  Made in the

 United States with USDA ingredients Gentle Giants Canine Cusine is

quality without the high price!  100% Guaranteed.  Give it a try all the Bowen dogs eat Gentle Giants dog food, even the non-giant breeds.  Designed for all sizes Gentle Giants is longevity in a bag for your canine compnions.


Gentle Giants is coming soon to Oak Village Animal Hospital and we are anxious to add Gentle Giants Cuisine to our longevity regime!   And at a cost of 30% - 70% LESS, yes LESS, than many other dog food brands!!!


Stay tuned for new updates.

Coming August 16 to Oak Village AnimalHospital

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